Nintendo 2DS becomes the best-selling console of the week in the United Kingdom

Nintendo 2DS

But after his announcement were not few those who predicted failure, Nintendo 2DS don’t seem go nothing bad in the British market, where this last week has become the best-selling console.

Success that has been preceded by a slight lowers unofficial in its selling price, that some shops have been established at 99 pounds, and school holidays, which have driven many parents to buy the console as a gift for the little ones of the House.

In this sense, and in the absence of known data on the number of consoles sold, it is estimated that the portable Nintendo would have improved their sales data around 64 percent over the figures recorded last week, according to the MCV portal.

We can not forget that this new model of Nintendo 3DS, which stands out due to its lower price by eliminating the stereoscopic 3D effect of the laptop, was released along with Pokemon x/y, which undoubtedly has helped improve the figures of sale of portable consoles of the Kyoto.

There is also a hot GBA emulator for iphone that has gotten so many downloads.  It’s really worth checking out especially if you love playing GBA games on your iphone.


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